In a GIANT act of hypocrisy, it appears that Mike Babchik and/or his associates had reported for HARASSMENT for their campaign exposing his sexist and racist harassment of myself and other women.

18 Million Rising NEED YOUR HELP!

BOOST their campaign & spread the word to show them that their protests cannot be silenced:


Here’s what PaKou, member of this org says:

yesterday 18MillionRising launched a campaign to have Mike Babchik fired for using his SiriusXM Radio credentials to sneak into NY Comic Con to sexually and racially harass women. 

now our campaign image has been reported as “violating FB community standards, ” and i have a sneaking suspicion that Babchik and his cronies did it. because we were reported, 18MR staff have been locked out of our own page for 12 hours! this means we can’t post a single thing about how Babchik — and FACEBOOK — are silencing the campaign.

so, friends, it looks like we’re having an impact! that said, this also means we need to step up our game. 

PLEASE, will you share the link to the petition page right away? here’s the raw link:

UPDATE: (10/18/2013) 

Since 18MR campaign had launched on Wednesday, their petition has gotten 40% of its needed signatures.

But those who are trying to silence the protest against harassment as of right now still have 18MR’s page locked out. We need to keep boosting the signal, so please re-blog, sign, and support the cause.

Thanks so much everyone!

(For backstory, check out the Daily Dot article here: